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Preemie Twins | From Emergency C-Section to NICU Life

Preemie Twins | From Emergency C-Section to NICU Life

As of February 16th at 3:00pm, the importance of the tulip in my own life at least doubled with the birth of our preemie (aka. premature) twins. I’d like to share our story with you.


I founded this company because I knew there were parents out like me who are dissatisfied with the baby monitors on the market today – they are terribly difficult to setup, they lack a full feature set (meaning you end up with a monitor plus at least 3 other devices) and, most importantly, they don’t give you peace of mind. If you’re a parent, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


Emergency C-Section


When we went in for a standard OBGYN appointment the morning of the 16th, I have to admit, I sort of expected the OB to tell us the time was near based on my observations of my wife, but I didn’t expect to be told, “you need to get to the hospital now, either by ambulance or drive fast.” And so began the preemie whirlwind!


When we got to the hospital we quickly filled them in on the situation and I told them my wife moves very quickly through labor. Sure enough, when they checked, she had moved from 4cm to 7cm within 2 hours or less. Because Baby A was footling breech and could not be delivered naturally, the mood changed and it was go time – emergency c-section.


Ezra w/ preemie CPAPI was given a surgical outfit to put on and my wife was whisked away to get a spinal anesthetic and prepped for surgery. When they got me and I came into the OR, she was ready to go. From that point it was only a matter of minutes before little Isabella was born. A team of preemie experts – nurses and a Neonatologist – were immediately on top of her to ensure she could breathe properly. A few minutes later Ezra was born and swept to the adjacent table to be worked on by a separate team. While they worked I watched the medical equipment measuring their pulse and blood oxygen, and held my own breath for the numbers to increase with the application of the CPAP masks. It was incredibly difficult to stand there helplessly hoping things would improve, but sure enough, thanks to the NICU teams’ skilled work, Isabella and Ezra were stable enough to be moved to the NICU.


The Preemie Experience


Adam holding Isabella in NICUThis birth experience was dramatically different than with our first who was born naturally and full term, but one thing was very much the same – the anxiety of not knowing for sure if they are ok. Now our lives consist of traveling to the NICU every three hours with an hour in between, not more than a few hours of sleep and hoping they can come home soon. Despite the difficult circumstances, it is actually comforting to know they are being monitored so closely while they are so incredibly vulnerable.


When our preemie twins do finally come home, my wife and I will be so much more at ease knowing we can continue to monitor their pulse and blood oxygen using the tulip. Unfortunately, SIDS is a real threat, especially for preemie babies, but we will sleep is a little easier knowing the tulip has an eye on them. And now I’m off to another NICU feeding with my wife!
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  • Rick
    Posted at 11:08 pm, February 21, 2017

    Nice story, happy ending. Glad to hear that all are well, despite their earlier than expected arrival.

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